We utilize Wester's Garage, Sniper Delta Force and Hp Tuners in addition to many Stand alone systems

Stand Alone systems include but are not limited to:Holley EFI, FAST(Fuel air spark technology), Big Stuff 3, AEM, FI Tech, MSD, Pro EFI, Edlebrock and many others.

Vehicles Covered:

Ford: All OBDII & some OBDI gas & diesel trucks, cars & SUV's 1986-2017 

GM: OBDII, V6 & V8 including Duramax & 6.5TD, Corvettes, GTOs, pickups diesels & more 1995-2017

*Other vehicles can possibly be tuned  with proper software. We do not presently carry any Import tuning software. 

Tunes downloaded directly just like a dealer only YOU call the shots
Install the parts you want without being stuck with a "tune-in-the-box" that doesn't match your combination
Total ignition & fuel control over entire operating range
Every tune is custom made for your combo
Tuning can be recalibrated or returned to stock
Supercharger & Turbo friendly
Works with NA, boosted or nitrous combos
Transmission pressure & shift control(instant shift kit)

Lower speed & RPM limiters for fleet & delivery vehicles to increase longevity and decrease repairs

Speedometer calibration-Adjust limiters & RPMS-Retune high mileage cars for wear

Pricing: Street Tune: $300-350 

Dyno Time Add $125/hr (Avg 2hrs)
**Prices include up to 1 month fine tuning if needed.

We are also an experienced installer for Racepak data systems.